Friday, 13 November 2015

wow look at this beautiful canvas piece "Cats Eyes" Who is up for the challenge. Come in and check it out at the shopThreedles Needleart Design    Cat's Eyes - Cleopatra's Eyes    This piece won at Woodlawn in 2011, and has attracted a lot of attention. It has everything you could want, beautiful fibers, interesting stitches, and jewels. This colorway features tan, rust, purple and blue hues, with some gold and jewels to make it sparkle! When finished it will measure 11 ½ “x 11 ½ “on 18 mono canvas.: Needleart Design, Threedl Needleart, Cat Eyes, Cleopatra Eye, Canvaswork Embroidery, Counted Canvas, Crosses Stitches, Canvas Work, Needlepoint Canvas

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